Use Caution On And Around Rivers And Streams 

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

Ashley National Forest is adding their own reminder for visitors of the Forest to always use caution around rivers and swollen streams as the runoff this year is higher than usual. Specifically, their message is to please monitor conditions before getting into the Green River. The Flaming Gorge Dam opened its bypass tubes on Tuesday which raised the flow of the Green River to 8,600 cubic feet per second. In addition to being fuller, the rivers are colder than usual and the cold with the high, swift flow can quickly overcome even the strongest of swimmers. An example of the danger is the case of a missing kayaker who was last seen on the Colorado River in Grand County Colorado on May 28th. An intense 6 day search of the river was called off to wait for the water level and flow of the river to decrease to more safely access the river and try to locate Ari Harms who is believed to have been tragically overwhelmed in the river. 

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