Update On Downtown Vernal Revitalization

by | Jun 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Plans to revitalize downtown Vernal continue. Last month, the properties on 100 East from Highway 40 to 100 South were torn down to make way for revitalization efforts. Vernal City Manager Quinn Bennion shared this week that the long term goal is for the front portion of that block along Main Street to be sold for development but first they will be cleaning soil impacted by petroleum. Soil samples are being taken this month with the cleanup planned for this summer. The back half of the block along 100 East and the storage yard will eventually be turned into a public parking lot. In the meantime, it will be used for contractor staging during revitalization construction. Work is about to start on the Zion’s block construction. Bennion says that contractor BHI is finalizing the schedule for the Zion’s block construction and is expected to start work mid-July. 

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