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Give’m Health: Tomorrow Is World Rabies Day

Give’m Health: Tomorrow Is World Rabies Day

September 28th is World Rabies Day and TriCounty Health Department is spreading awareness. In the United States, rabies deaths are very rare due to animal control and vaccination programs as well as ready treatment for those that have contact with a potentially rabid...

Community Spotlight


Last week board members and staff of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum, with the help of staff of the Uintah County Heritage Museum, moved a boat to Sweetwater County for a special exhibit that is about to open. The exhibit is actually a dual commemoration. One is the 60th anniversary of Flaming Gorge Dam going into operation. It is also a celebration of river guide and outfitter A.K. Reynolds. A.K. and his wife Ellen operated a river-running service in the years before Flaming Gorge Dam was complete. The boat at the exhibit is a vintage 17 foot hand-built wooden boat that is on loan from the Uintah County Heritage Museum. It will also feature photos from his river trips, photos of the construction and dedication of Flaming Gorge Dam, and continuous showing of the film “Face Your Danger – The Story of A.K. Reynolds & the Cataract Boat”. The exhibit will open on September 27th.

Aaron Watson Concert - Thursday December 1st
Uintah Middle School Receives Riding For Focus Grant 

Uintah Middle School Receives Riding For Focus Grant 

Uintah Middle School announced on Monday that they have received nearly 40 new specialized bikes and helmets thanks to a special program. UMS physical education teacher Christine Whetton secured the funds through a Riding for Focus grant aimed at using cycling as a...

Scam Alert!

Scam Alert!

Imagine if you were going about your day and you received a phone call claiming that a family member had been in a terrible accident and giving you instructions of what to do next. Well, scammers have been hitting average citizens with calls of this nature throughout...

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