Owners Of Flaming Gorge Buckboard Marina Present On Realignment Effort

by | Jun 7, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Frustration was present at the Sweetwater County Commission meeting on Tuesday as the owners of Flaming Gorge’s Buckboard Marina presented their efforts for a boundary realignment, something that members of the public have opposed. The proposed adjustment would remove water acreage at Buckboard Marina but would add areas of land to the south and east and ultimately would increase the acreage. The general concern expressed is that this will ultimately limit public access to the lake and could even be the beginning of the end of the marina if the water rights are swapped for land and then limits where docks can be located. Sweetwater Now reports that during Tuesday’s meeting, Buckboard Marina owner Tony Valdez emphasized that this is between he and the federal government and that the reasoning for the adjustment is due to decreasing water levels. He said the boundary readjustment follows the shoreline so piers and campsites can be placed further down the channel because future water loss could mean boats won’t be able to access the marina. The County Commissioners responded that they know this matter is not with the County but that the County was not given the required NEPA commenting period or information about the project in a timely manner. The County also emphasized that they are not against the plans but have an obligation to dig into the situation because of the public outcry and because Buckboard Marina is a business within Sweetwater County. 

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