Uintah County Commission Expresses Support For County Fair Livestock Show

by | Sep 27, 2022 | News | 0 comments

An idea brought before the Uintah County Commission received verbal support from the Commissioners during their regular Monday meeting. Uintah County citizen Cindi Birchell approached the Commissioners with the idea of adding a Livestock Show specifically for Uintah County youth to the Uintah County Fair lineup. “We have a lot of youth in our area who are very, very interested in showing livestock,” stated Birchell, who said the show would be in addition to the amazing Uintah Basin Jr. Livestock Show held each year in June. She said the Uintah Basin Jr. Livestock show had 132 participants from Uintah County and the new show would not be a sale, just a jackpot show. Commissioner Haslem said he thinks it is a great idea. Commissioner Horrocks said he feels the County Fair is lacking in animals and that this Livestock Show could incorporate chickens and rabbits as well. He concluded that her proposal is a great idea that would make a tremendous addition to the County Fair. Birchell was not seeking financial support at this time but just the general support of the Commissioners which was offered. 

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