Vernal Youth Baseball Makes Statement About Reported Molestation Incident 

by | Sep 26, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The Vernal community has been on high alert since a report came forward that a child had been molested in the bathroom at the Vernal City ballpark last week. The family reported that it occurred on the evening of September 21st and Vernal PD immediately began its investigation. Thankfully there was video footage available for the investigation. With the investigation ongoing, Vernal PD declined to give a comment on Monday but did share with Evans Family Media that based on the investigation there does not appear to be an ongoing threat to the community. Vernal Youth Baseball did make a statement about the case on Monday that was shared on social media. It states, “VYB would like to thank the Vernal PD for their quick and thorough investigation regarding last week’s reports. We are overly relieved that no one was harmed at the ball field last week. We are so glad we have trustworthy volunteers, coaches, parents and especially players that make for awesome leagues each year! Slight changes will be in place moving forward ensuring the safety of all our participants at the complex each night. Let’s be ever vigilant ensuring each other’s safety and well being. Let’s play ball!”

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