Construction Moving Along On New Community Fishing Pond In Roosevelt

by | Sep 26, 2023 | News | 0 comments

News has been spreading that the Utah Wildlife Board approved a new community fishing pond to be located in Roosevelt and naturally people want to know where and when it will open. DWR Conservation Outreach Manager Tonya Kieffer-Selby shares that the new community fishing pond is located in the area behind and to the north of Uintah Basin Medical Center and it will likely open in the spring. The pond is actually already filled and bridges are installed. “The pond was finished this June and now we are working to keep it full and see how fish do to start,” shares Selby. “They’ll pave around it this week and we’ll get a fishing pier ordered to be installed either this fall or spring.” The community fishing pond will be called the Healing Pond and it will be surrounded by a nature park.  

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