Uintah County GOP Convention Statement

by | May 13, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The Uintah County GOP is taking a stand for the Caucus System and has issued a 2024 Convention Statement. It shares the following: “In response to Governor Spencer Cox’s Republican State Convention speech and fundraising email, the Uintah County GOP Leaders, Precinct Officers, and Delegates stand in solidarity with Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Washington Counties in unwavering support of our caucus system. We affirm: Our steadfast support of the neighborhood caucus system, which upholds the principles of government by the people and for the people. We recognize and honor the dedication of delegates who invest countless hours researching and engaging with candidates and neighbors on vital issues. Their commitment is invaluable to the Democratic Republic process. Governor Cox’s recent criticism of state delegates and the caucus system is misguided. We reject his attempt to discredit the diligent efforts of thousands of good Utahns. We reject Governor Cox’s attempt to take credit for others’ hard work such as our State Legislature, Marlo Oaks, John Dougal, and Sean Reyes, who contribute significantly to our community. We stand united in supporting efforts to elect Phil Lyman as the next Governor of Utah, believing in his ability to lead with integrity and serve the best interests of our state and its citizens.” The statement was signed by the Uintah County GOP Leaders, Committee, and State and County Delegates. 

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