Roosevelt City Shares Snow Removal Reminders

by | Jan 4, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Unless you are hibernating, you know that the Uintah Basin has been buried in snow the last few days. Of course this means that the snow plows have been beyond busy. Roosevelt City Public Works Director Kirby Wolfinjer is giving credit where it is due, stating that “our guys are giving 110% and I am incredibly grateful for their hard work and dedication over the holidays.” Roosevelt City is asking the public to also show their appreciation by abiding by Snow Removal Etiquette. First, don’t throw your snow onto your neighbors’ property and be sure to avoid the driveway or walkways. Be considerate when firing up a noisy snow blower in the early morning or late at night. Each city has local laws that govern snow removal, especially sidewalks, that can be found on the city’s website. It is a good policy to clear sidewalks quickly because trampled snow turns to hard-packed ice which lingers far longer than the moisture on sidewalks that were cleared right away. Clear the area in front of your mailbox for the safety of  U.S. Postal Service workers. Finally, dumping snow in the street just leads to added snow being pushed by snow plows to become someone else’s problem. 

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