Live On Utah Offers Course For Suicide Prevention 

by | Jan 4, 2023 | News | 0 comments

“For those who are not trained, there’s no playbook to follow on how to save a person from trying to end their own life.” This quote inspired the organization ‘Live On Utah’ to organize resources to become that much needed playbook. More than 91% of Utahns know someone who has died by suicide, survived an attempt, or experienced thoughts of suicide and tragically suicide is a growing problem in the Uintah Basin. Live On Utah shares the message that suicide is preventable because generally it is not that a person wants to die, they just want to stop the feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. The playbook is a free course of ten lessons that help individuals know what to do for suicide prevention. To take the course for free, go to the Live On Utah website at and click on Playbook under the Resources tab.

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