Online Course Required For Gathering Shed Antlers

by | Jan 23, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Collecting shed antlers is a popular hobby in the Uintah Basin but the Division of Wildlife Resources has an important reminder for all who plan to head out on the hunt. The DWR Antler Gathering Ethics course is required if you plan to go ‘shed hunting’ between February 1st and April 15th. “During winter, big game animals, especially deer, often have a difficult time finding food,” shares DWR Law Enforcement Captain Chad Bettridge. “If you spook an animal and cause it to run, the animal has to use up fat reserves and energy that it needs to make it through the winter.” The free antler gathering ethics course teaches you how to gather shed antlers without stressing the animals or damaging their habitat. Once the course is complete, a certificate of completion must be printed and carried with you while shed hunting. Link to the course through

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