Local Author’s New Book Inspired By Personal Experience

by | Jan 3, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Well of Eida, local author KB Benson’s new book being released next month, is so much more to Benson than just an exciting fantasy read. Kimberly Benson and her husband Justin were relatively new to Vernal when they welcomed their second child, a beautiful boy who they soon discovered had a serious heart condition. “In early 2020, we left the children’s hospital after a month-long stay for my son’s unexpected massive open-heart surgery,” shares Benson. “We returned home to a life that looked very different from the one we had when we left. There were many challenges ahead of us, but we had survived the most harrowing experience of our lives and uncovered a strength we never knew we had. It was then that I first started toying with the idea of what has become Well of Eida – a fantasy book and series that explores strength and what it means to fight through the darkness.” Benson is not new to writing as the author of the well received Call of the Sirens Trilogy but this new book holds different meaning for her. “Well of Eida will always hold a special place in my heart because even though I didn’t fight monsters and magic, I fought crippling fear and sorrow,” shares Benson. “I fought a darkness that felt very real and found strength in it. I hope Well of Eida helps all my readers find strength too.” Well of Eida is set to release on February 3rd and is the first installment in KB Benson’s The Fallen Kingdoms series. It is available for Kindle pre-order on Amazon and the paperback edition is available for preorder on Etsy.

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