Investigation Reveals Cause Of Fire That Destroyed Two Roosevelt Businesses

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The investigation into the cause of the commercial fire that destroyed two Roosevelt businesses on Friday has found no sign of foul play in the tragedy. Assistant Roosevelt Fire Chief Nathan Goodrich shares that the fire call came in at 3:57am on March 24th and 9 firefighters responded with 2 trucks to Lagoon Street. 3 more firefighters eventually joined with 2 more trucks for a long day of battling the blaze and ensuring it didn’t spread. In the end, the ‘Second Time Around’ vintage store and one of the Marsen buildings were a complete loss. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries reported but the owner of Second Time Around was in the building at the time of the fire as his residence was the apartment in the back. He and the other tenant woke up in time and got out safely though it was a long, terrible day as the building burned until it collapsed in on itself. The Utah Fire Marshal responded to investigate and Assistant Fire Chief Goodrich shared with Evans Family Media that it was determined that the fire was unintentional and likely due to an electrical problem. Investigators found that the fire started in the front of the building inside the open shared attic. Electrical wires were found with electrical burns which means there was a short in the wire somewhere to start the fire. Goodrich says that Roosevelt Fire will continue to check on the burn site as it will likely smolder for most of this week. He also extended his thanks to the community for their outpouring of love and support, not only to the people who lost their businesses, but to the fire department as well. Goodrich says it would be difficult to make an estimate on the value of what was lost but that he knows that just the stock in the Marsens showroom alone was well over half a million dollars and the entire loss would be many multiples of that. Roosevelt City issued their own press release regarding the fire calling it a loss for Roosevelt City as a whole and expressing condolences to the business owners and gratitude for the fire fighters. The buildings were a total loss and any new updates on the fire will be provided as they become available. 

Photo credit Autumn Hancock

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