GeekWire Publisher’s Worst Butt-Dial Experience At Dinosaur National Monument

by | Sep 18, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Thousands of people have magical experiences at Dinosaur National Monument each
year, including rafting trips down the Yampa and Green Rivers. John Cook, co-founder
and publisher of national tech news site GeekWire, added to the list of those experiences
in an article published on the site on September 14th, unfortunately about the worst
butt-dial of his life. Though he is a tech writer, John loves the outdoors so when Apple
introduced a new iPhone 14 SOS feature that allowed users to send emergency messages
via low-orbit satellites from the wilderness, he bought it and then he forgot about it. He
was enjoying a five day rafting trip on the Yampa and Green Rivers, when the crew took
a side hike in Dinosaur National Monument along Jones Creek. After taking some
pictures he thought he had turned off his phone, but somehow instead had set off a
satellite SOS alert, activating more than a dozen search and rescue personnel from miles
away. Ignorant to the messages coming to his phone tucked away in his fanny pack, John
remained oblivious until a few confused minutes before a helicopter was overhead, ready
to rescue him. To read his full story, visit

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