‘Drag Story Hour’ Held At Uintah County Library 

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and right to peaceful protest were in active use in Vernal on Wednesday. The Drag Story Hour put on by the Uintah Basin Equality Center took place in the upstairs conference room of the Uintah County Library. Three story hours took place during their scheduled time for the room and drag queen Tara Lipsyncki, dressed in a long blue evening gown, read and sang to groups of over 30 attendees made up of children, the children’s parents or guardians, and other adults in attendance. The atmosphere inside the library remained quiet with little indication that a protested event was taking place. Outside the library, members of the Uintah Basin Equality Center had speakers set up with music and a large banner on display with the words, “Know That You Are Loved”. A group of 6 adults with signs stating things like ‘Protect Children’ and ‘What Is A Woman?’ remained on the grounds outside and peacefully displayed their protest of the event. About the same number of individuals had signs that were in support of the event with statements including ‘Love is Love’ and ‘Why Be Hateful When You Can Be Fabulous’. One of the protestors, Mick Richman of Roosevelt, had multiple signs displaying his membership with ‘Gays Against Grooming’ and his stated desire to ‘Protect Children Who Cannot Protect Themselves’. It was nearly as mellow outside the library as it was inside. So where were the many community members that expressed concerns and asked the county to reconsider allowing a Drag Story Hour at the library? Well at least some of them were enjoying their own story hour with a great turnout at the First Baptist Church of Vernal. Even with varied and strong feelings, the community showed respect towards each other and civility won the day.  

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