‘Drag Queen Story Hour Comes To Cattle Country’ Hits National News Site

by | May 31, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

The current topic of a Drag Story Hour soon happening in the Uintah Basin is part of a larger national topic and a former Newstalk KVEL news director has entered the arena of the often heated discussion. Lincoln Brown is a household name for many long term Uintah Basin residents who knew him as a trusted news source and talk show host for many years. In the few years since his exit from the Uintah Basin news market, Brown has continued to have a voice on conservative topics, currently as a columnist for PJ Media, a national conservative opinion and commentary news site widely utilized in radio show prep material. His article “Drag Queen Story Hour Comes To Cattle Country” hit PJMedia.com on Tuesday morning under the ‘News & Politics’ section of the site. Brown’s deep dive and commentary on the topic includes his perspective as a former 20 year resident of Vernal and both sides of the topic of Drag pride events including Drag Story Hours happening across the country, even in rural areas like the Uintah Basin. Find the article under ‘News & Politics’ on www.pjmedia.com or link through this news story on BasinNow.com


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