Citations Issued During Cow Elk Hunts And DWR Cites Poor Decision Making

by | Jan 16, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The Division of Wildlife Resources is urging hunters to improve their decision making process as many citations have been issued for violations during the cow elk hunts. Every year, DWR officers investigate cases where someone shoots more than one cow elk, shoots the wrong sex or even the wrong species. “Some hunters get so excited to see an animal that they make poor shooting decisions, firing at multiple elk or failing to properly identify their target,” shares the announcement. During the 2022-23 antlerless elk hunts, conservation officers have investigated many such cases. In Northeastern Utah, officers have investigated two cases where a hunter killed too many elk, five cases where a bull elk was killed instead of a cow elk, two cases where a moose was shot instead of an elk and one case where a hunter harvested an elk in the wrong hunting unit. Citations were issued in each of the cases. 

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