Biden Disconnect Grows On Topic Of Oil And Gas

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

The Biden Administration’s approach to energy continues to be critiqued, especially by supporters of the oil and gas industry. Western Energy Alliance is among those asking questions. “There’s a disconnect in the conservation agenda of this administration,” shares Alliance president Kathleen Sgamma. “The president wants to preserve our nation’s treasured public places yet fails to acknowledge that almost all the conservation funding is provided by the very energy sources he seeks to shut down. Promises of ‘no more drilling’ would mean funding for national parks conservation and infrastructure would disappear in the coming years if those policies are fully enacted.” Gregory Todd, former Duchesne County Commissioner and current Energy Advisor to Governor Cox, recently spoke to Deseret News, also critical of the Biden Administration’s approach to energy and the hard push for electric vehicles. “I’m appalled that the president of the United States is picking a loser and picking a winner. I think the free enterprise process is what should happen and you know, the coal industries have been vilified, oil and gas industry has been vilified. It’s sad,” stated Todd, who then brought up the instability of the electric grid, something that people in the electric sector warn of. “They’re concerned about it,” shared Todd. “Without true base load, we could be in trouble in the next year or two, even as all the other projects that are coming in. That’s a factor that we’ll all have to look at, in respect to our electric needs. And they’re actually looking at some things of what’s essential and what isn’t essential and, in the electric world, none of us have ever thought of that, at least in my lifetime.”

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