Fire Sense Efforts Making An Impact

by | Nov 22, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The State of Utah has been pushing the public to use their Fire Sense in a campaign to help stop human caused wildfires. The goal was to prevent roughly 70% of Utah wildfires with tips like calling the nearest fire department when doing a burn, making sure you check local weather conditions, containing campfires, shooting without starting a fire and other common sense nuggets. Unfortunately, many people have seen first hand what a wildfire can do and how the after effects are just as damaging. Over the last two years, however, human caused wildfires have decreased significantly. The state went from over 830 in 2020 to under 500 in 2022. Continue to douse your campfires, maintain your vehicles to prevent road fires, stay in bounds with fireworks, and keep our state beautiful.

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