Beautification Award

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TJ and Katie Batty purchased the building located at 73 West Main in the summer of 2021. The original intention of the purchase was to turn it into a café.

However, as time went by, plans changed to turn the structure into office space. The owners had plans drawn up and the interior of the building gutted. Then, on a cold February morning, Dave Everett stopped by to sign his taxes with his CPA. Dave shared with his CPA that Abby would be needing a place to relocate her business from her current Naples location. Right then and there, a phone call was made and Dave, the CPA and Abby went to check out the building. Abby was able to see the potential of this small building as a stepping stone to fulfilling her need of having a new home for her business.

Abby was able to use her life-long connections to get the contractor, suppliers, city officials and an engineer on board to make a devoted team of opening the doors for business ASAP. Mind you, this was in 2022 where supplies and building materials were in short supply and nearly everything needed to build a restaurant was on back order for months. Abby spent day and night on the phone, driving long distances, flashing her pearly whites and darling curls as often as she could to persuade everyone to expedite her orders and organize the necessary manpower.

In the first week of signing a lease, she had the concrete ripped out, the plumber and electrician laid their conduit, and the new concrete floor ready to be poured. She was able to get city officials to approve the original design and the change orders at a neck breaking speed. So much dust was raised by all the work being done, that the townsfolk would stop by to gawk and ahh at all the progress.

Finally, on June 24th, 2022 Abby was able to officially open her doors and welcome the public into her now famous Abby’s Café in downtown Vernal.

The Public Relations Committee of the Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present a beautification award to TJ & Katie Batty and Abby’s Café in recognition of their outstanding improvement to the downtown Vernal Area.

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