Wolf Management Plan Includes Animal Compensation For Death/Injury

by | Mar 20, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provided an update this month on the Wolf Restoration and Management Plan. The draft of the plan was released in December and since then CPW has received about 4,000 comments online and heard from 232 people at public meetings. Consensus statements from the Commission at their meeting on final plan revisions includes: The Commission supported revising the draft plan to raise the cap on livestock or herding animal compensation to $15,000 per animal. Claimants can get paid for injury and death to livestock and related veterinary expenses, up to a potential maximum of $30,000 per animal. The Commission noted, “At some point in the future, the long-term management of wolves in Colorado may need to be considered further than what is outlined in this plan. These discussions would only occur after wolves have successfully been recovered and removed from the State Threatened and Endangered list. The long‐term management of wolves should be impact- and science-based, with consideration of biological and social science as well as economic and legal considerations.”

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