Utah Department of Public Safety Recommends Strengthening Passwords

by | Jan 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

2022 saw an overall increase of cyber related crimes and many warnings from local law enforcement have been centered on watching out for scammers trying to access your online accounts. The Utah Department of Public Safety recommends that the public consider a New Years resolution of creating stronger passwords. Here are some simple tips to secure your password. Consider using the longest password possible by using a news headline or the title(s) of books using added punctuation and capitalization. Do not include personal information that is easy to find on social media. Avoid using common words in your password. Substitute letters with numbers and punctuation marks or symbols. Be creative by using phonetic replacements or deliberate misspellings. Obviously keep your passwords private and do not reuse them. You can double your login protection by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). Finally, the most secure way to store all of your unique passwords is by using a password manager. For more tips, visit DPSnews.utah.gov.

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