Uintah Basin Railway Environmental Concerns Debunked In Opinion Piece 

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

The cries against the Uinta Basin Railway, particularly in Utah’s neighboring state of Colorado, have grown in volume as the Railway is closer than ever to becoming a reality. Prompted by information they say sorely misrepresents the Uinta Basin Railway, Executive Director of the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition Keith Heaton and managing partner for DHIP Group Mark Michel submitted a piece to the Deseret News titled ‘The Uinta Basin Railway environmental concerns, debunked’.  Opponents of the Railway, they say, are operating on a significant misconception and one that quickly breaks down the expressed concerns. Their piece states: “In short, Uinta Basin waxy crude is transported as a solid, not a flammable or hazardous liquid. It does not present an environmental concern if there were a derailment. Think of it as transporting a candle. Furthermore, it is also important to realize how low the risk of derailment and spills is… In the unlikely case that there was a derailment, clean-up crews would pick up any discharged waxy crude with shovels because after all, the waxy crude is a solid and would have the consistency of a ‘bunch of candles.’ It would not seep into the ground due to the temperature needed for it to transform back to a liquid, and it would also float on the water.” The piece addresses this and other misinformation they say has been circulating. To read the entire piece, visit www.deseretnews.com/opinion

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