UHP: Spend Super Bowl Sunday As A Fan, Not A Statistic

by | Feb 9, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Utah Highway Patrol has a message for all those excited to celebrate over Super Bowl weekend: Spend Super Bowl Sunday as a fan and NOT as a statistic. “Alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, or a combination of impairing substances can affect your safe decision-making and driving ability. If you feel different, you drive different,” says Major Jeff Nigbur with the Utah Highway Patrol. “Significant law enforcement efforts will occur throughout the state this Super Bowl weekend to deter and detect impaired drivers. Have a plan so you can enjoy the game.” Local agencies will be among the police agencies statewide working additional DUI overtime enforcement shifts throughout the weekend. Enjoy the Super Bowl and if you choose to celebrate with impairing substances, make a plan to get home safe. 

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