UBTech Titan Mascot Designs Ready For Community Votes

by | Jan 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

It’s time to vote for your favorite UBTech Titan design! UBTech officially adopted the Titan as its mascot in the fall and became the first tech college in the state of Utah to adopt a college mascot. After gathering input through surveys and focus groups, the third-party firm hired by UBTech has provided three images that aim to represent UBTech into the future. Choice A is a lion wearing a crown made of the gear on the UBTech logo and with a lightning bolt as a nod to Titans in Greek mythology. Choice B is an armored figure holding a shield and posing inside an orange gear. Choice C is the same figure but only his helmeted head inside the orange gear. The survey is open to the public and students, friends, alumni, and the community at large are encouraged to cast their vote and provide feedback. View the mascot designs and link to the survey at www.ubtech.edu/mascot. The survey will close on January 14th. 

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