UBTech First Tech College In Utah To Adopt A Mascot

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

It’s official! UBTech is the first tech college in the state to adopt a college mascot and that mascot is the Titans.

The selection process has been a lengthy one that included gathering feedback from UBTech students as well as surveying alumni, employees, and the public. Armed with positive feedback, the UBTech Board of Trustees recommended moving forward with further research on the prospect. The public was once again surveyed in the spring of 2022, this time on possible mascots. The board of trustees officially approved the Titans as the mascot in October and now work is underway to design a visual representation of a UBTech Titan. It is anticipated that the Titan mascot will be revealed at the 2023 UBTEch graduation commencement. “Before the formal adoption of a mascot, UBTech graduates and students didn’t have an identifier,” shares UBTech Vice President of Public Affairs and Student Advancement, Stephanie Carter. “The end of the sentence remained blank, ‘I’m a UBTech…something’.” Now students can proudly say, “I am a UBTech Titan!” 

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