Struggle At Roosevelt Library Ends In Arrest

by | Nov 20, 2023 | News | 0 comments

A scene at the Roosevelt Library ended in arrest last week. According to court documents, Elizabethann Burns was approached at the library by an Officer on November 15th asking her to speak with him outside. She was not willing and the Officer informed her that there was a warrant out for her. She initially argued with the Officer and then ran to the bathroom and began throwing her possessions inside. After a drawn out struggle, the Officer got her into handcuffs and escorted her out to the patrol vehicle. A second Officer arrived who Burns spit on and kicked before being placed in the vehicle. Burns’ wallet included bank cards that did not belong to her. She was booked on a warrant from an October incident in which she was pulled over in Roosevelt driving an unregistered RV with no insurance, on a revoked license, and which was found to have methamphetamine and other drug items inside. Burns also physically resisted and fought the Officer during that arrest. The November warrant was issued as she failed to meet her requirements for her release after the October arrest. In addition to the warrant, Burns was arrested on November 15th for the offenses of unlawful Possession of Financial Cards, Assault on a Peace Officer, and Disorderly Conduct, among other charges. 

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