SCAM ALERT: Do Not Click Link In Voter Registration Text

by | Feb 8, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Locals have once again been hit by scammers, this time in the form of a fake voter registration text. Election System Specialist Hayden Loftus with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor is spreading the word that citizens throughout the state have received the texts that read, “We have you in our records as not registered to vote. Check your registration status and register to vote in 2 minutes…” and then provides a link. “The text message includes a link that has malware potential so please DO NOT CLICK THE LINK under any circumstances,” shares Loftus, who also provided a list of four phone numbers known to have been the sender of the scam texts though there are likely others as well. The numbers to watch for are listed with this news story shared on

 Phone numbers the scam messages have been received from: 

1) 269-284-6352     

2) 929-693-7753     

3) 912-751-3070     

4) 801-881-5135

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