Roosevelt City Library Preparing To Offer Community Room Reservations

by | Mar 3, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The new Roosevelt City Library soft opened for business just over a month ago and while some areas and resources are not quite ready, a reservation calendar will soon launch on the library’s website for reserving the community rooms. Many community members have expressed interest in borrowing the new community rooms at the library. The community room can be divided into two halves with a partition wall to allow two events to be held simultaneously. The library also now provides a conference room that seats 10 and a small study room that seats 4 to facilitate quiet study, virtual meetings, and interviews. These rooms will all be available for reservation on the new reservation calendar which will launch on the library’s website soon. “The primary purpose of the rooms are to serve as a public forum,” explains  Duchesne County Library System Director Daniel Mauchley. “If the events are open to the public and free to attend, no rent is charged. If the reservation is for a private event, party, or for-profit class, rent is involved.  Private events expecting an attendance over 45, or other commercial events, should seek to utilize the great facilities in our community including the Grace Event Center, Cynthia Center for the Arts, etc.  Those are excellent places for any smaller event, public or private as well!”  Visit to learn more.

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