New Felony Charges For Man Who Claims He’s Doing Work For AP&P

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

A man found to already be on felony probation has new felony charges after an incident in Duchesne City when he claimed to be doing work for Adult Probation & Parole. 42-year-old Chistopher Micheal Chistensen was riding a bicycle on Main Street when he was almost hit by a car pulling into a parking lot. Seeing this, an officer approached him and while interacting found that Christensen is on felony probation with Adult Probation & Parole. The officer asked if he could do a compliance search on him and Christensen said that wouldn’t be a good idea because he is doing work for AP&P and so he had drugs on him. The officer spoke with Christensen’s parole agent who knew nothing about the claims being made. During a search of Christensen, he had on his person drug paraphernalia and a substance consistent with methamphetamine. He was placed under arrest and the officer asked if he had any weapons on him. Christensen stated he had three: a large pocket knife, a large curved knife in his boot, and a small pocket knife hanging from his belt. A fourth knife was found as well. Christensen was arrested and booked into Duchesne County Jail on multiple counts of Felony Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Restricted Person in addition to drug charges. 

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