Meet The Candidate: Jason Walton For U.S. Senate

by | Jun 19, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Jason Walton, Utah candidate for U.S. Senate, recently made another visit to the Uintah Basin and visited the Evans Family Media studios for an interview. Walton is a businessman who frequently points out that you can’t run a business or a household the way the government is running the country. Once the debt hit $30 trillion dollars he decided to run for office to fight the problem of career politicians addicted to spending. During his interview, Walton stated that if you look at how much you spent in groceries, gas and household goods in 2021 and bought the exact same things in the same quantities now, it costs $11,000 dollars more now. He calls it the Inflation Tax because it is exactly the same as if you paid an extra $11,000 dollars in taxes but instead of taxes, you paid it in increases to your goods. Walton also said the left is crushing the right at marketing and branding. They did the Affordable Care Act that’s the opposite of affordable. They did the Green New Deal that’s not green, not new, and not a deal. Now there is the Inflation Reduction Act which Walton says is actually an Act on how to increase inflation. Walton also discussed public lands, the Constitution, the border crisis, and more. To listen to the entire interview, visit and click on ‘Meet the Candidates’ under the Community tab. For more information on Jason Walton, visit 

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