March Beautification Award

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Beautification Award

March 12, 2024

Mr. S Clothing

                Mr. S Clothing was established in 1961 by Sam and Bonnie Snyder of Vernal.  The store was known for the finest men’s and ladies’ wear in the Basin.  They ran a successful store for many years.  Then in 2002, son Jon Snyder and wife Julie purchased Mr. S from Sam and Bonnie becoming the second generation owner. 

                Over the years customers came to Mr. S not only to shop for clothes, but they also shared their life stories with them.  The customers became their friends, and Mr. S became a home away from home.

                In March of 2023, wife Julie and daughter Bri received sad news about Jon’s health.  He was diagnosed with cancer. In a very short time, Jon passed away leaving Bri and Julie to sort out the legalities of the business. When everything was completed, Julie and Bri sat in Jon’s office and realized that Jon was really gone, and it was now up to them to keep the store going.

                Shortly after, Bri Oldham purchased Mr. S from her mother Julie, becoming a third-generation owner.  Many changes have been made throughout the store. Some of which include new paint, lighting, and windows.  The store also has a new shoe room called, “The Man Cave,” which is dedicated to her dad, Jon Snyder.  There you will find shoes, sports coats, and even in-house tuxedos! 

Bri feels very honored and excited for this new adventure.  She hopes to continue to make a store that the town of Vernal and all the Basin can be proud of.  Bri has been so grateful for all the support that has been shown from the community, family, and friends.  She would also like to add that she is already training an upcoming 4 generation to continue the legacy of Mr. S

The Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Committee is very pleased to present the Beautification Award to Mr. S Clothing for their improvements and upgrading of the store at 48 West Main Street.

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