Let's talk for a minute about tree pests. . .

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Beautiful shade trees are valuable, long term assets in any yard and should be vigorously protected against insects that can damage and kill them. The very best defense against an insect attack is a healthy tree. If water is scarce, it is much easier to replace a lawn or shrub than a mature tree. Once a tree becomes stressed by lack of water or nutrients, it is much more likely to suffer an insect infestation, such as borers, aphids, or tent caterpillars.


an insect attack is also much easier than treating one. If there are borers or other insect problems in your neighbor’s trees, or even in


tree in your yard, the other trees around are at risk and any tree over two inches in diameter should be treated. The most effective preventative treatment is a


insecticide- that is, the insecticide is applied around the roots of the tree, and the tree takes the insecticide up into it’s system, protecting the tree from the inside out. This also protects all the new growth on the tree during the entire season. Ferti-Lome Tree & Shrub Systemic Drench is a systemic insecticide especially for trees and shrubs. It contains an insecticide that is extremely effective at very low doses, making it safe to use. In this systemic form, it protects the tree for a full twelve months.


application protects for an entire year, and will also kill most insects already in the tree. It is also very easy to apply- just mix it up in a watering can and pour around the base of the tree. Timing is critical in preventing a spring or early summer infestation. Applying the Tree and Shrub Systemic Drench in the fall, or at least before the middle of April in the spring, will have the plant fully protected by the time the insects are laying their eggs. It can also be applied any time during the growing season for very effective insect control, but is most effective in


insect attacks when applied in the fall or early spring. You can also use Tree and Shrub on Virginia Creeper to control whiteflies, or on any other shrub with insect problems.

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