‘Let’s Go – A John Wesley Powell Story’ Providing One-Of-A-Kind Experience

by | Jun 21, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Outlaw Trail Theater’s production opening next week will literally be one-of-a-kind to see and the experience has also been one-of-a-kind for the actors. Uintah County native Aaron Wood has been part of countless local theater productions but his experience of becoming the elder John Wesley Powell in ‘Let’s Go! The John Wesley Powell Story’ has been completely unique. “This one I’m quite excited about because there is no audio or visual record of John Wesley Powell other than pictures and so I was incredibly excited to be able to try and define a character based on just his journals and what he actually wrote and saw,” shares Wood. “It was a unique opportunity as an actor and I jumped on it. The collaboration of the wonderful minds involved has made it a truly wonderful production.” This historical musical focuses on the time John Wesley Powell spent through Uintah County while journeying down the Colorado and Green Rivers. Powell gave Flaming Gorge its name as well as many canyons, rapids, and historic points that are familiar to us today. Wood encourages all to see the show, especially to learn more about the man with such a strong tie to local history. Opening night is Monday, June 24th, and tickets can be purchased at www.outlawtrailtheater.org. ‘Let’s Go – A John Wesley Powell Story’ is written by Jonathan Stearmer with music by Alan Doyle. 

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