Legislation Introduces Rural Outdoor Investment Act

by | Sep 15, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Legislation has been introduced that Moffat County tourism leaders believe will prove a great opportunity for the entire region. The Rural Outdoor Investment Act hopes to promote economic growth in rural communities by investing in outdoor recreation infrastructure, planning, and business development. This legislation would provide vital capital to rural communities across the country working to revitalize and grow their economies through the outdoor recreation industry by providing $50 million a year in recreation and economic development funding. $12.5 million would be for the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities grants for Main Street revitalization through outdoor recreation. Tom Kleinschnitz, the Director of Visit Moffat County, said, “Craig, Colorado and the surrounding region has world class topography that would be perfect for new outdoor recreation opportunities. Planning and proper management of these opportunities would be highly beneficial to Moffat County citizens and visitors alike.”

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