Juvenile Initially Unresponsive After Tipping In Canoe In Flaming Gorge

by | Jun 10, 2024 | News | 0 comments

A juvenile was initially unresponsive after submerging in Flaming Gorge Reservoir last week and the public is reminded to take seriously the dangers of water recreation. The Green River Fire Department reports that at approximately 11:40am on June 5th, emergency services were dispatched to Lost Dog Confluence on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. It was reported that an adult male and a juvenile had tipped in a canoe and could not be located by the reporting party. Upon arrival, first responders were able to spot the two who were reaching an opposite shore line. The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s boat was able to load both individuals and transport them back to where rescue personnel were waiting. Though both individuals were wearing life jackets, the juvenile was unresponsive. First responder crews were able to start treatment for hypothermia and related injuries. The patient was stabilized and transported to the hospital. Highway 530 was shut down for about 30 minutes to complete rescue operations. “Water temperature was around 50 degrees,” shares Bill Robinson with Green River Fire Department. “The duration the individuals had to spend in these temperatures definitely played a part in the injuries.” Due to quick reactions of all involved, a positive outcome is anticipated for the family. All are encouraged to remember how fast winds can pick up and to be aware of the dangers that are associated with water recreation. Keep an eye on everyone at your camp and the time they spend in the sun and water.

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