EVOLVE Presents On Development Projects Coming To Downtown Vernal

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

The efforts of Vernal City and the Vernal Downtown Alliance are already paying off as an outside investor will soon be breaking ground on two high end mixed use buildings downtown. EVOLVE Real Estate & Management made a presentation to the Vernal Downtown Alliance last week complete with 3-D renderings of what Jurassic Heights and Raptor Heights will look like and include. One will be located on the Zions block at 100 South 100 West and the other on Vernal Avenue at 100 South. The buildings will both have 10,000 square feet of Commercial space on the ground floor and 18 Residential units on the upper floors. EVOLVE’s Wesley Zufelt explained that they plan to start construction in June and anticipate the projects to be done sometime between this December and March 2024. EVOLVE also has a condo project in the works called Fossil Cove which will be located at about 160 North 500 East in Vernal that Zufelt estimated would be underway in July or August. Fossil Cove is planned to include 60 to 68 either 2 or 3 bedroom units. The plans have open space for things like a playground, pavilion, and small dog park. Best case scenario to start on that project is July or August.

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