DWR Releasing Pheasants Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

by | Nov 23, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Division of Wildlife Resources officers are releasing pheasants ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday this week. Utah’s general pheasant hunting season runs through December 4th and releases happen weekly, though they are happening early this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The majority of the wild pheasants in northeastern Utah are found on agricultural areas on private lands. Remember to obtain written permission before hunting on private property. “Hunters should also target the DWR wildlife management areas located throughout the state because we will be releasing over 12,000 pen-reared rooster pheasants in these areas,” shares upland game coordinator Heather Talley. “Birds will be released each week throughout November to help increase hunter success and give everyone a good opportunity to harvest birds this season. If you do choose to hunt on one of our WMAs, be willing to hike a long way away from parking areas and other hunters to increase your chances of finding the wild birds.” Release areas in northeastern Utah include Browns Park WMA (Wildlife Management Area), Stewart Lake WMA, Pariette Wetlands BLM, Little Montes Creek WMA, Kevin Conway WMA, Starvation State Park, and Sktizy WMA.

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