DWR Habitat Council Announces 2024 Habitat Restoration Projects

by | May 14, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Roughly $3.4 million was allocated to habitat restoration projects at the recent annual Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Habitat Council funding meeting, including projects in northeastern Utah. Among the 79 projects will be the Strawberry River Restoration project. This is the second phase of this project and aims to continue to restore roughly 12 miles of the river after it was damaged by the 2018 Dollar Ridge and Pole Creek fires. This project received $111,500 dollars in funding. Over $916,000 dollars of the total funding was received to maintain and improve the wildlife management areas across the state of which there are locations in northeastern Utah. “We are extremely grateful for other partners who help fund these projects as well, which are so critical for fish and wildlife,” shares DWR Habitat Conservation Coordinator Daniel Eddington. “We wouldn’t be able to complete as many of these necessary conservation projects without these important partnerships.”

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