Duchesne River Listed Among Top Three Great Rivers To Fish This Winter

by | Feb 9, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Unstable ice conditions may be keeping anglers indoors but the DWR has recommended 3 rivers that can provide a great fishing experience during the winter. That top 3 list includes Blacksmith Fork River, Lower Provo River, and the Duchesne River. “There are a number of angler access points that are currently accessible along the Duchesne River — primarily the Blue Ribbon rated portion upstream of Hanna — that have provided good fishing this winter,” shares the DWR announcement. “The Duchesne River offers fishing for primarily brown trout and some rainbow trout.” DWR Sportfish Coordinator Trina Hedrick has a reminder for anglers. “There is less for the fish to eat during the winter, but there are still bugs, so making sure you are using small flies and lures and getting them right in front of the fish will help you have more success,” shares Hedrick. “Every second the fish is out of water is a second that it can’t really breathe, so it’s good to think about getting it back to the water and swimming freely as quickly as possible.” Check out more on winter fishing at wildlife.utah.gov

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