Duchesne County Commission Discuss Project To Update Flood Hazard Maps

by | Sep 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The Duchesne County Commission discussed this month plans for the Wasatch-Uintah Basin Risk Mapping and Planning Project. Community Development Director Mike Gottfredson explained that in May 2023, the State of Utah Department of Public Safety held a flood study kickoff meeting to start plans to update flood hazard map information. Coordinating with FEMA, the State of Utah Division of Emergency Management is partnering with Counties around the state on the project. They are using new topography and updated engineering methods to revise outdated flood hazard zones and determine what the current flood risks are within communities. The Commission approved the Memorandum of Agreement for the project. They also discussed what this could mean for residents who find their status changed to being in a flood zone with the new information. Concerns that this could affect insurance rates were discussed. 

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