Dinah The Pink Dinosaur Missing Tail After Being Hit By Vehicle

by | May 23, 2024 | News | 0 comments

A local prehistoric celebrity is expected to be okay after a car crash on Wednesday left her without an important appendage, her tail. Dinah the Pink Dinosaur is a famous landmark on the east end of Vernal and thankfully the damage to her tail is mostly that it just detached at its base. It is expected to be repaired. Vernal City Manager Quinn Bennion explained that a driver fell asleep and didn’t make the curve on Highway 40. “The tail will be repaired quickly by city work crews,” shares Bennion, “and the driver’s insurance will be notified for the cost of the repairs.” No human was injured in the accident and even with her missing tail, Dinah is still happily greeting visitors to Vernal City with her big smile and bright eyes. 

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