Craig City Mayor Resigns

by | Jun 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

A special Craig City Council meeting was held Monday evening to address the resignation of the Mayor. Mayor Ryan Hess opened the meeting and the process was taken during which he resigned, stating that he will no longer be a resident of the City of Craig as of June 8th prompting the resignation. Council member Derek Duran, who had been appointed Assistant Mayor, stepped into the role as Mayor with Chris Nichols as Assistant Mayor. The Council then discussed what route to take to fill the now vacant Council seat. The application and interview process to fill a vacant Craig City Council seat took place only weeks before and the Council voted to select the replacement from that list rather than advertise and go through the application process again. As such, Randy Looper was appointed to fill the open Craig City Council seat. It was noted that the turnover on the City Council has been due to Council members furthering their careers and moving outside of the City of Craig. 

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