Craig Business Owner To Pay $400,000 In Restitution For Theft And Tax Evasion

by | Apr 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The owner of a Craig oil and gas company has been ordered to pay restitution after pleading guilty to charges related to oil and gas wells in Moffat County. As the owner of Wolverine Resources LLC, 49-year-old Shane Reeves purchased dozens of leases for mineral rights that he then aggregated into lease agreements. From 2017 to 2021, Reeves did not pay state income taxes or the required royalties to mineral rights holders. Reeves pleaded guilty to felony Theft and misdemeanor Failure to File Taxes on Wednesday in Moffat County District Court. Reeves was sentenced to 4 years of supervised probation during which time he must pay restitution and open his financial and business records to probation officers upon request. Victims included private parties and US, Colorado and Moffat County taxpayers. If Reeves expedites payment of all restitution and complies, he can go off probation after eighteen months and avoid a permanent felony conviction on his record. Restitution includes over $288,000 dollars to mineral rights owners for unpaid royalties, $89,000 dollars to former service providers for unpaid wages, $37,000 dollars to the State of Colorado for back income taxes, and $62,000 dollars to Moffat County.   

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