Congressman John Curtis Continues To Lead Conservative Climate Caucus

by | Jan 25, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Congressman John Curtis will continue to Chair a Committee that acknowledges climate change but with a completely different approach from the mainstream as to finding solutions. Curtis was key to forming the Conservative Climate Caucus in June 2021 and this week’s announcement included the naming of Iowa Congresswoman Miller-Meeks as the Caucus’ first Vice-Chair. In the announcement, Representative Curtis shared that “with a new Congress and new leadership in the House, Republicans are committed to delivering solutions to the challenges of climate change.” What kind of solutions? “The Caucus believes that practical solutions to climate change can be found through innovation embraced by the free market and that Americans, and the rest of the world, want access to cheaper, reliable, and cleaner energy. The Caucus also believes that fossil fuels can and should be a major part of the global solution to reducing emissions, and that the goal is to reduce emissions, not reduce energy choices.” Learn more about the Conservative Climate Caucus at Curtis.House.Gov

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