Commission Votes NO To Increase In Uintah County Property Taxes 

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Featured Stories, News | 0 comments

There will not be an increase in the property tax rate in Uintah County in 2024. The Uintah County Commission met on Tuesday afternoon. First, Clerk/Auditor Mike Wilkins presented the 2024 budget at the amount of $74,125,300 dollars. After some discussion, Commissioner Laursen made a motion to accept the budget as presented with Commissioner Norton and Laursen voting in favor and Commissioner Horrocks voting against. Next, Wilkins presented the Resolution proposing a property tax increase at a reduction of $1.5 million dollars from the original public hearing on the subject. He stated that what stands with the budget, which is subject to change, is a $3.5 million dollar increase for the General Fund, $491,500 dollars for the Uintah County Library, $120,000 dollars for insurance, and $42,000 dollars for TriCounty Health Department for a total of $4,153,500 dollars. This would bring the total tax revenue for Uintah County to $11,880,500  dollars. Commissioner Laursen made a motion for a lower property tax rate increase of 27.93 percent that would amount to $2,153,500 dollars. Commissioner Norton read a statement that emphasized the importance of considering short term relief and the long term sustainability of County operations. She then made a motion to not increase property taxes in 2024 with the understanding that there are challenges with the deficit to be worked out. First, the Commission had to bring Laursen’s motion for the 27.93 percent increase to a vote which Lausen’s voted for and Norton and Horrocks voted against. Norton’s motion for no tax increase was restated and brought to a vote with Laursen voting against and Norton and Horrocks voting for. What was originally the largest proposed tax increase in Uintah County history at 73 percent was exchanged for at least another year of no increase to the property tax rate. The Uintah County Commission meeting can be viewed on the Uintah County YouTube channel. 

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