Candidates Present at Vernal Chamber Luncheon

by | Oct 21, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The Vernal Area Chamber invited local candidates to their weekly luncheon on Tuesday.  The uncontested candidates for school board that attended were incumbents Dave Chivers, Denise Maynard, and Robin McClellan. The uncontested Uintah County candidates in attendance were incumbents County Attorney Jaymon Thomas and Clerk Auditor Michael Wilkins. The County Commissioner Seat B race is between Republican nominee Sonja Norton and Democratic nominee Steven Huber. Norton shared that her reason for running is her love of community. Norton served on the Vernal City Council for 8 years and was Vernal City Mayor for 4 years. When asked, Norton expressed a desire to build morale among Uintah County employees. Huber explained that he is passionate about the Constitution and believes in limited government. When asked why he is running on the Democratic ticket when his values align more with the Republican ticket, Huber explained that he made that choice in order to “beat the system” as he does not believe in the changes in the Caucus system to gather signatures. For information on the November 8th election, visit

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