Bureau of Rec Issues Warning As Flaming Gorge Water Releases Underway

by | May 23, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The Bureau of Reclamation has an important safety announcement for recreationists on the Green River. According to the Water Operations announcement for Flaming Gorge, releases from Flaming Gorge Dam will increase from a daily average of 1,000 cubic feet per second to 7,000 cubic feet per second between noon on May 22nd and 10:00am on May 23rd. “Recreationists on the Green River should take caution and be aware the increased flows in the river will be cold and swift,” shares the Bureau of Reclamation. “The Flaming Gorge Dam releases for the LTSP are currently planned to stay at about 7,000 cubic feet per second through the weekend and Memorial Day, pending hydrology.” The Bureau of Reclamation also shared that the May water supply forecast of the April through July unregulated inflow volume into Flaming Gorge Reservoir is 800,000 acre-feet which is 83 percent of average. Current snowpack is 96 percent of median for the Upper Green Basin. To view the most current reservoir elevation, content, inflow and release, visit www.usbr.gov

Link: https://www.usbr.gov/rsvrWater/rsv40Day.html?siteid=917&reservoirtype=Reservoir 

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