Ashley National Forest Reminds Visitors to Recreate Responsibly 

by | Jul 8, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The mountains are a popular escape this time of year and all visitors are urged to recreate responsibly. “Summer is in full swing and there are many recreation opportunities to enjoy,” shares the reminder from Ashley National Forest. “Whether fishing, camping, hiking, boating, or the myriads of other activities, it is a great time to celebrate and have fun.
As you do so, the Ashley National Forest reminds visitors to recreate responsibly, taking special consideration to prevent wildfires.” The following are crucial to remember: Do not bring fireworks to the Forest. Fireworks are illegal on national forests and can often be a cause of human caused fires. Be certain that your fire is completely out and do not leave any fire unattended. To ensure your fire is out, drown with water, stir, feel for heat, and repeat. Continue this process until it is cool to the touch.

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