Ashley National Forest Announces Delay Of Moon Lake Campground Opening

by | Apr 3, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Ashley National Forest announced on Tuesday that the opening of Moon Lake Campground is delayed due to repairs that need to be made. There is still damage from flooding and debris flows that occurred in 2023. “The campground will reopen once the repairs are complete, with an initial forecasted date of June 18th,” shares the announcement. “The group campsites and nearby Moon Lake Resort are expected to open as regularly scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. The construction is part of an effort by the Ashley National Forest to stabilize the area from debris flows which occurred as a combined effect of heavy rainfall and unstable soil conditions resulting from the 2020 East Fork Fire. The Moon Lake Campground and surrounding area experienced a series of heavy rainfall events beginning in August 2023. Debris flows of rocks, mud, and vegetation encroached upon the campground and destroyed sections of trails and the campground water system.” While it is believed the campground will open in June, that does not guarantee it will be with all amenities and trails in the area may remain closed. For more information or updates, call 435-738-2482. 

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